Slender body is like ice athletes

Famous Sachiko came back
skelton builtin for best upright keeping
choice of skelton/no skelton
no skelton

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as younger sister of Michiko



She takes any pose you like                
Eyeball set opens and closes her eyes          
Realistically loolking vagina, child like entry      
●Real to touch skin, not sticky like silicone dolls   
●Made of soft foam rubber                     
●Slender body lets you imagine ice athletes      

Ht.. Wt.. B W H Pkg.
120 3.7kg 63cm 52cm 65cm 25 x 24 x141cm

See how Eyeball Set makes a difference
glue the eyelash

eyeball pushes up the eyelid automatically 

put it on to the desired
position, cut the excess
Stages of insert installation
100% installed

True entry

Close-up look of installed insert


20% installed

80% installed

100% installed
Standard Set
Deluxe Set


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