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The Highest Series
skelton builtin for best upright keeping
choice of skelton/no skelton
no skelton

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●New material gives extra softness                         
●Skeltons installed for human like movements      
She takes any pose you like                   
●Eyeball set opens and closes her eyes           
●Realistically looking vagina, woman like entry      
●Real to touch skin, not sticky like 100% silicone doll

Hgt. Wgt. B W H Pkg.
153cm 5.5kg 80cm 62cm 84cm 30 x 27 x 149cm


Put mouse

See how Eyeball Set makes a difference
"Eyeball" looks like a "Wedge" pushing up the soft eyelid

 Cut view↓
 glue the eyelash

cut out the eyes a little larger
Closes again if removed

eyeball pushes up the eyelid

set at the desired position

to close again, pull out

Built in insert for                  True entry

30% Installed
80% Installed

100% Installed

Standard Set

long wig/insert/lotion

Make up set


Deluxe Set

long wig/insert/lotion


Make up set

DLX lingerie

 Pubic hair

145cc extra lotion

Price is right , and moreover
Right Material We employ Urethane mixed with processed Nitrogen Micro Porous Rubber

Its advantage    
Never breeds oil.
Keeps sleeping goods, i.e. bed, pillow, pyjamas etc. clean. 
No other makers Can compete with us. 

Don't forget shipping cost depends on your country

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